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Why Is It Important to Clean Rain Gutters?


Norwood Window Cleaning will always remove any debris out of your rain gutters.  We will never rinse your gutters until we clean them completely first. After we clean them completely we can rinse them and check to be sure all drains are draining properly.  We document and report any underground draining issues. If you have foundation drains or drains that drain out to the front or back of your property, cleaning your gutters will help prevent future problems with foundation drains,  underground drains or your rain gutters.

Not only will our technicians help clean rain gutters by flushing and cleaning them but we will also clean areas such as the roof edge, pine needles, leaves, dirt, mud, moss, algae, acorns, sticks and any other debris from your roof. Many times debris gets caught in the valleys of a roof or behind chimneys. It is common to have nearby trees or bushes overgrown into rain gutters. This can contribute to rain gutter problems and we can refer a company out to help cut those hazards. Rain gutters are shoveled and scooped of leaves, tree debris, dirt, algae and roof sand before down spouts are rinsed and cleaned with a low pressure with our pressure washing equipment.  All debris, trash, leaves and roof sand are placed into our waste buckets and then the waste bins. We test each downspout to ensure that it is clear. If a downspout is blocked, we will snake it clear or flush it with a garden hose. 

Our staff at Norwood Window Cleaning work together as a team to get the job done efficiently and professionally in a timely manner. It takes only a few years for rain gutters to become full dirt and clogged. If it has rained or the mud is dried, the gutters can be filled with mud or the mud will be dry like cement. Rain gutter cleaning is labor intensive. It will also take a crew of technicians to get the cleaning done properly. We have had situations where clients hired other companies only to be short changed because the company were inexperienced and were not able to complete the job.


This service is very important and will help avoid having serious problems in the future. Don’t suffer from roof leaks because your drains are backed up. It can be time consuming to do the job right so don’t be fooled and waste money and time on a company or person who will not do a proper job.


Staining And Mildew

Staining or mildew could be a sign of water in your gutters. This means water is not flowing through your system could causing damage to the gutters, shingles or your home.

Leaves And Debris

Leaves and other debris is normal for gutters but can clog your rain gutter system. From rains to winds, debris will find a way into your gutter system. This is one reason it is important to have your gutters cleaned at least once per year or twice a year.


Squirrels, mice, birds and other small creatures can take up residence in your gutter system if the conditions are comfortable enough for them to stay. Those creatures can cause damage and attract larger animals such as cats, raccoons, snakes.


Plant Growth

If there are plants sprouting from your gutters, it's time to get your gutters cleaned. For plants to grow, there has to be a layer of leaves, dirt, debris etc to provide root protection. Seeds are blown into the existing debris and dirt, and growth occurs.


Sagging Gutters

Rain gutters get very heavy when mixed with water and other problems. This leads to sagging or detached gutters, roof damage and home damage. It’s a never-ending cycle. If you notice pulling, sagging or complete detachment, your gutters might need more than a cleaning. This means possible repairs or replacement may be necessary, depending on the extent of damage.


Previous Cleaning

If you can’t remember the last time you had your gutters cleaned, you could be in serious need of a cleaning as well as an inspection. Ensure your gutters are cleaned to protect your home properly.

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