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About Solar Panel Cleaning

If you have solar panels on your home or business, you are already aware of the saving and efficiency of these great products. Solar panel cleaning is a MUST to keep the energy flowing according to plan whether you clean them yourselves or hire a professional. The dirtier a solar panel becomes, the less efficient it becomes, which can cost you money in the long run. If you have dirty solar panels, you could be loosing up to 30% efficiency out of your system. With regular cleanings and proper solar panel maintenance, you can use the full potential of your solar panels performing it’s best, as well as receiving the maximum lifespan to save money.

Great and proper care must be taken. Performing solar panel cleaning on a hot day can damage your solar panels if not cleaned correctly. The protective glass can break if going from hot to cold immediately. When cleaning solar panels, our technicians at Norwood Window Cleaning use only non-harsh chemicals and deionized water system to make sure your panels are cleaned to perfection. Using a deionized water system will leave your panels streak and spot free. Results will be seen immediately after your panels are cleaned.

Why Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

California is known for the heat, humidity, wildfires, dust devils and our once in a while--what we like to call rain! Haha. Another issue with solar panels, is that it can accumulate a thick layer of debris such as dust, mold, mildew, bird dropping, or many other obstacles that can block the sunlight. With the amount of costs of a solar panel system, it is important to keep the panels clean to protect your investment.

How Often Should My Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

Norwood Window Cleaning recommends that solar panels should be cleaned on an annual basis. Some recommend cleaning your solar panels annually, quarterly, monthly, and more.  Depending on your area and the weather, we suggest to use your best judgement on when and often you need your solar panels cleaned.

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